Friday, 5 July 2013

Cosmo talks on the Good Shepherd

One of the predominant themes in the story of Cain and Abel is the LAMB, THE SHEEP and the GOOD SHEPHERD.

This theme originates in the story of Cain & Able where Cain slays Abel because Abel's offering was accepted by the Lord and Cain's offering was rejected. We are told that the particular animal that Abel sacrificed was a LAMB and from this point onward we find the metaphor of the Shepherd and the Sheep recurring throughout the scriptures.

Cain's gift to God was the produce of the ground as he was a Tiller of the soil which represents the cold and unfeeling side of things.

The Sheep and Shepherd metaphor is that the relationship between the Sheep and the Shepherd is one of guidance and protection. God has given us Free Will and the freedom of choice which will bring the individual to a clear recognition of the true relationship of things and to draw toward themselves the response of the universal mind as a power of unfailing guidance, provision and protection..

In summary God's people must learn to walk by faith rather than by sight. 

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