Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cosmo continues with The Truth About the Bible.

You should now be starting to understand how the Lord God uses Neutrinos or thinking stuff to create things by involution. (From within Himself) 

The Lord God is in perpetual contemplation (thinking) through which He is creating in His Mind.  The same as we do as human beings, by thinking things through and creating a plan or list before we can make or do anything.

But remember at the time of creation there was no human life on the earth, so God created the Garden of Eden, as a nice place to live. Obviously He had to do this before putting such a place on the earth-plane.  He then created a being to live there.

Again this was in His Mind. Then God saw that the being He created, which He called Adam, was lonely, so out of Adam He created Eve.

It is fundamental that all living beings on the earth are to be born, they grow and they die without any exceptions which is a fundamental Law of Nature. So God had to create a way for Adam and Eve to be able to die and so He created Eve being tempted to eat the Apple which caused death, which is an essential part of living.

Once God had perfected His plan He placed mankind on the earth. They are all born, even Lord Jesus was born of woman, they grow and they die, which complies with the Laws of Nature.   

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