Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cosmo Talks from the 4th Dimension on the ASCENSION

Easter Sunday is a very special day as it is the day of Ascension where the Lord God raised the tortured and shattered body of His Son Jesus and took Him back to Heaven. This is the centre of Christian beliefs and is the most joyous and wonderful message in the history of the world and truly a day for celebration.

The association of the Hot Cross Bun with Easter is symbolic of the empty cross of Jesus.

May the blessings, peace and grace of our Lord Jesus be with you all.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cosmo talks from the 4th Dimension on SYMBOLISM

The Lord Jesus rose on the third day symbolizing new life and more importantly a new life in perpetuity for those who accept the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. The number of early Christians understandably was very small and basically an underground movement. Their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had just been crucified and they were in fear of admitting their association as His followers as did Peter denying at the third crow that he knew Jesus.

Because of their fear of the Romans and the Jews at that time they adopted the EGG as a Symbol among them to mark the crucifixion and convey secretly their identity as followers of Jesus Christ and became known as Christians.   

As the eons of time passed and their group grew, people being people, decided that as the Egg held a prominent place in their homes they would decorate it. As they continued to do this the decorations became more and more elaborate and have ended up with what we know today as the Faberge Egg.

The mistreatment of the Lord Jesus by the Jews is a graphic demonstration of the Lord God’s understanding of man’s inhumanity to man which is the basis of multitudes of stories and plays which continues on today.

With the passing of each generation the Symbolic Eggs’ Spiritual significance is being abandoned and we see it more and more being replaced with the pagan belief of Chocolate Rabbits and Hot Cross Buns.  

The corollary of this is that the Egg today is devoid of any Spiritual or Esoteric significance.

As a matter of interest, Hot-cross buns were originally developed by the small bakers in England and France to increase the profit turnover in their little shops. Eventually through their marketing strategies of the time these shops became associated with Easter for commercial purposes and we end up with what we have today.

Cosmo Talks from the 4th Dimension on THE RESURRECTION

I want to talk regarding the true significance of this day commemorating the resurrection of Jesus.

In the Bible at the beginning we are taught that Adamic man was made from the dust of the earth. In the New Testament there is virtually no teaching regarding the Soul which is a concept of the New Testament.

With Adamic man we are taught that at death the body reverts to ashes and dust, whereas very early in the New Testament we are shown that Evil Spirits can be removed from the human body which should indicate to us that there is indeed a Spirit world.

If there is an evil Spirit world which is illustrated time and time again as with the demons being cast out into the pigs by Lord Jesus, and knowing the pattern of the Lord God, it stands to reason that there is also a Spirit world of the Light. To some extent in the Old Testament we are also told of visits by Angels.

With the resurrection of Lord Jesus we have the extreme illustration of not only His body disappearing but also of His Spiritual appearance to the Women and His Disciples.

A powerful Spiritual energy of the light which we call the Soul can materialize in appropriate conditions. The essential point is that after death the Soul continues in existence, which brings us to the conclusion that the Soul is not part of the human body but associated with it and able to use it.

This means that the Soul can communicate to the brain of the human body and visa-versa. The human being who is aware of this, can communicate at will to their Soul or Mind which is the storehouse of knowledge. It is the Soul that communicates to those of us in the 4th dimension and to the Lord Jesus and the Godhead.

The illustration of the Resurrection and Ascension into heaven of Lord Jesus in His Spiritual form is the most miraculous and wonderful illustration given to mankind. 

Cosmo talks from the 4th Dimension on The Crucifixion and the Resurrection

Easter time on the earth plane is symbolically the most important time in the 4th dimension. 

Those on the earth plane fail to understand that the world of human beings is not equal to the world of Spirit beings and get confused between Spiritual events and secular events. They get wound up trying to find out where and when and if things happened which is irrelevant and of no consequence.

In the Old Testament there are many stories of the Lord God directly entering into peoples lives  and of the necessity of people making considerable sacrifices to the Lord God. This was the means of spiritual communication from the Lord God to the Patriarchs like Abraham, Moses, Jacob etc.

In those early times people did not understand about exercising their FREE WILL and making their own decisions regarding matters in their earthly lives and matters in their spiritual being.

As the number of inhabitants on the earth plane grew they formed groups with theories which eventually formed into religions which have gotten out of control. Through these religious doctrine people were no longer asking the Lord God to come into their lives. 

The Lord God elected to visit the earth plane as His Son the Lord Jesus Christ which he sowed his seed in the body of the Virgin Mary. The word virgin equaled unmarried. This is the first momentous direct intervention of God in what we shall call the modern era. 

At this time of the cycle we are celebrating the Passion of Jesus Christ symbolically on the day He was crucified. The fact that God allowed Himself in the form of Jesus Christ to be humbled, scorned, humiliated and made to suffer is another great Spiritual lesson that most people fail to recognize. 

The powerful almighty Creator God was prepared to allow himself to be treated in such a way is nothing short of incredible and miraculous. The MIRACLE of the Resurrection and the appearance of Jesus to many people and His ascension to heaven remembering we are talking of his Spiritual form, are all clearly within the power of the Creator God.

The lesson is that no matter what happens on the earth plane the Spiritual being or Soul is still there unharmed and untouched. In other words the Soul of a human being which is in the image of the Lord God, transcends death and lives on in the Spirit world. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Creation by Energies

The Creation by the Godhead was by the controlling of energies which only He can do. By controlling the energies He created the earth plane and all of the immeasurable wonders that is in, on and above it. Everything on earth is in one way or another "I AM" energy.

One of the immutable principles is that scientifically Man cannot create matter (energies). They can however change it from one form to another. As an example if you burn a piece of paper the paper is gone. The component parts of it shall exist in another form. In other words it has been turned into ashes which in turn goes back to the earth and recycled. 

The wonder of this is how all of these energies in the universe which appear disparate and chaotic can be controlled and maintained.

As you meditate upon this matter you will begin to understand the awesome nature and wonders of our glorious Godhead.