Friday, 12 October 2012

Some of my dearly beloved family members now in the 4th dimension
Who are familiar spirits?

Familiar spirits are the souls of our departed family members such as our great grandparents, grandparents, mothers and fathers, brothers & sisters, uncles and aunts and indeed our friends and all the people we personally know or have been associated with in our lifetime. They are the familiar spirits talked about in the Holy scriptures that we are to test.


Because we have no idea whether their souls have returned to the higher levels of the fourth dimension or whether a rouge spirit is masquerading as one of our loved ones.

Secondly in the spirit world there is no concept of family as we know it. We have all had many lifetimes within many races and cultures and of course many families so which family do you belong to???  

The answer is simple. You back to the group on the level you are at. As in schools we have classes.  At the end of the year we sit our exams and if we pass we move up a grade irrespective of your race. It is the same in the fourth dimension. As above so below. Race does not exist there either.

However unlike the earthplane if you haven't learnt your lesson in this lifetime you don't pass but come back again and maybe again to have another go. That is the purpose of reincarnation. To learn your lesson, purge all your past karma and move up a level. Eventually to get back to being at one with our Creator God. 

On the other side of the coin, If they have not returned to the fourth dimension it means they are lost and still in the earth’s sphere and are under the control of the evil Lucifer and his Servants Molech and Baal. The evil ones will use them to sway you to follow in their footsteps and prevent you from returning to your group in the fourth dimension when you die.

If you smell, hear, see, feel, or have any inkling that a spirit is around you, your best course of action is to challenge them mentally to leave and pray for the redemption of their soul in eternity.

Sadly the majority of people today do not do this.

What is a Shaman
True Shaman or Tohunga as they are generally known amongst the native races also communicate with the Servants of the Lord God in the higher levels of the 4th dimension.
A pagan Shaman or Tohunga communicates with the lost Souls on the lower levels of the 4th dimension who are under the control of the fallen Archangel Lucifer.
Their sole purpose is to prevent those on the earthplane from learning lessons and achieving their Soul growth and of course any hope of redemption in returning to the Creator God in the heavenly levels of the fouth dimension. Molech and Baal named in the books of the Old Testament are servants of Lucifer.
Witchdoctors, Witches, Sorcerers, Soothsayers, Pagans, Gothic’s, psychic's, mediums tend to operate at a very low levels of the fourth dimension and is why we are warned against them as in seek ye not familiar spirits....and test every spirit if it is of God or not...

Leviticus 19: 31 through 20:1 - 27 speaks of the pitfalls of following on this path.


What is a Seer
A Seer is a Holy Man or Prophet of God who accepts and understands the universal concept of ONE.
He communicates with the Servants of the Lord in the higher levels of the fourth dimension who bring messages from the Godhead through him.
He lives his life according to God’s universal laws and Commandments as handed to Moses and reiterated by Lord Jesus at His sermon on the Mount.
Men such as Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Joesph, Samuel, Ezekiel, Isaiah were all Seers or Prophets chosen by the Lord God to represent Him on the earthplane. as recorded in the books of the Old Testament 

Out of Body Experience
The body contains spiritual energies that are controlled by the mind. These energies can leave the body through the Crown Chakra. Leaving the human body in this fashion is called a projection in spiritual terms, which any person can perform and sometimes referred to as an out of body experience. The connection of the spiritual energies leaving the body in this fashion stretches to infinity, allowing you to go anywhere you wish.
With a highly evolved Soul they leave without the connection and are given into the care of a Spirit guide who is usually one of the very early earth plane parents of the Soul. Another strong Spirit Guide also accompanies them so that they can be called back. Sometimes the original Soul does get lost and are replaced by a lost Soul who wishes to remain on the earth plane.
This is a well documented phenomenon which does happen. With the more highly evolved Souls who have strong and experienced guides that have been with them through many lifetimes, this is most unlikely to happen.

Saturday, 6 October 2012



There is a small book in the Bible of the Songs of Solomon which very few are aware of and is the only place that gives the human interaction between men and women. 


As our glorious God loves us and we love Him in return, so do we love our husbands and wives; the interaction with our spouse is totally blessed through the solemnising of the marriage before the Lord God.


During the reign of King Solomon he wrote several love songs which are rarely preached about.


Refer to Songs of Solomon:

Friday, 5 October 2012

Cosmo talks on Meditation
Meditation is a subject of great interest on the earthplane yet very, very few have any understanding of what is involved.
For most meditation is nothing more than a bit of common thinking, which in itself is a rare thing.
What we in the 4th dimension call meditation is the connection of one’s mind with the universal forces which involves humility and acceptance of the fact that the knowledge of the universe is vastly superior to that of the earthplane.
To make this connection it is necessary to show humility and to allow the spiritual energies to act upon your body. As what happened with Edgar Cayce.
The whole function depends upon correct nutriment and correct hydration of the human body .
Refer to post on energies & importance of drinking water?
The human body has an incredible complex nervous system which is a separate operation or a third layer. The important parts of the nervous system where you feel pain, hot, cold etc. are all stored in the brain which need to be released otherwise the brain becomes supersaturated and starts sending out wrong signals to the body.
People get their lives so busy doing other things thereby neglecting their own physical, spiritual and mental health.
The mind, body and spirit must be in balance to make that connection which is why it is a very rare phenomenon connecting to those of us who, are in the 4th dimension.