Monday, 4 February 2013

Opononi Aotearoa
Cosmo talks on the Power of Thought
From the time the world commenced, it has been controlled by the power of thought which emminated originally from the Creator the "I AM"
Thought is a process never seen in all the kingdom that moves such as the creatures of the sea, the birds of the air or the animals of the land. Even an Aomeba can react to the discomfort which is an early form of thought.
You go higher up the chain to the fish seeing an insect on the water which responds and eats it.
The bee going to the flower and so on.
It's only when you come out of the animal kingdom to MAN that you find reason, controlled thought and long term memory. Everything that a man sees, hears or reads is stored in the brain and its only a question of tapping the brain to recall fact.
Various academic people on the earth plane have mistakenly claimed that man has evolved from Apes. They miss the point of the brain structure and its ability to reason and communicate with the 4th dimension. The power of thought is a gift that the Creator "I AM" has only given to mankind.
It is true to say that all aspects of life forms on the earth commenced with thought, particularly the activities of man.
When you consider this, it would seem reasonable that man learns to take control of the thought process. By so doing he takes contol of the most important resorce he has. "THE MIND"  

THE SOUL at work.
 A demonstration of the SOUL at work from the writings of Napoleon Hill
First recognise that you are a plural personality. Your physical Self which we recognise when we look in the mirror, however it is only the house in which our other selves live.
One is the 'Negative Self' (your Brain). It thinks, moves and lives in negativity, fear and doubt. The Negative Self' expects failure and is seldom disappointed. It dwells on past circumstances of your life which makes it hard to overcome but seem forced to accept.
The other is your 'Positive Self''(your SOUL). It thinks in dynamic, positive and progressive terms of wealth, health, love, friendship, personal achievement, creativity etc. and guides you onwards to achieve these blessings. It is your 'Positive Self'' (SOUL) that is capable of recognizing and receiving the Universal Key to Health, Wealth and Happiness.
You have many other priceless assets within yourself of which you may not be aware, hidden riches you have neither recognized nor used.
Your Mind is both a highly attuned transmitter and a receiver which is attuned to the Universe and the thoughts of your fellow men. It sends your thoughts and feelings out into the Universe and receives unending swarms of like messages back. It is a tireless two-way communication system of infinite capacity. 
Be aware that your thoughts are living things and are subject to the Universal Law of 'Sowing & Reaping' ... whatever you send out you will receive back ten fold.
The key to deciphering these messages is the use of discernment. In other words mentally test these thoughts you receive as to where they are coming from. Do they come from the Servants of the Lord or not?
Messages from the 4th diemension are never ever negative. If any of the thoughts you are receiving are negative, it is indicative they are coming from lost Souls.

 Cosmo talks on THE SOUL
The ‘I AM’ the Creator of everything created our SOULS in His image. The SOUL is an integral part of a human being but doesn’t control “Free Will”, the human physical brain does.
Spiritual guides advise the SOUL whether you are aware of it or not, which tries to advise the human brain, but the SOUL of course is always fighting “Free Will”. It is the SOUL that has the prospect of eternal life not the physical body.
If the human brain accepts Lord Jesus, the Holy Ghost will join with the SOUL. The power of the two will enter into the life of that human being and make many changes. The sad thing is that most human beings exercise their “free will” without a knowledge base.