Friday, 7 December 2012

Cosmo talks on the significance of Christmas from the 4th dimension
Going back to the basics in the Book of Matthew at the time of the conception of Baby Jesus from the Holy Ghost. The complete emphasis is on the relationship of Mary and Joesph.
Mary was found to be with child and only promised not yet married at the time of conception. The Lord God moved on Joesph who obeyed and married Mary although the marriage was not consumated until after the birth of Jesus.
The deep significance of this, is in the marriage of Mary and Joesph in the sight of God and the arrival of baby Jesus to complete the family, which is being totally ignored on the earthplane today.
The celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus is two fold.
Firstly the appearance of the Lord God as one part of the Holy Trinity in the form of baby Jesus. He chose to appear on the earthplane as a baby totally dependent on His parents. 
The  significance of this act is that the Lord God is showing us that humans are in the same format as Himself and that being born as a helpless and powerless baby, is the most humble thing the Lord could possibly do.
The second is the salvation of the realtionship of Joesph, Mary and baby Jesus as a family. What this is illustrating is that there is nothing more important in the sight of the Lord God than a family.
Part of being a family is to love and give to one another which is why presents are exchanged at Christmas. It is not the value of the present that is important, it is the act of giving with love.
At no other time of the year is the family celebrated, so it is a doubly important, spiritual, day to celebrate the arrival of baby Jesus on the eathplane and to celebrate the incredible spiritual value of a marriage before the Lord God in the event of children.
Also described in Matthew 8, is the purpose that the Lord Jesus came to the earthplane which was to make the lame walk, the blind to see etc.
We see from our dimension that there are a lot of people on the earthplane spreading the word of the Lord God, yet there are very, very few actually doing the work of Jesus. You may not have the power of Jesus to make the lame walk or see, but you can assist the people who work in theses areas.
May the blessings, peace and grace of our Lord Jesus be with you as you celebrate His birth at Christmas.