Sunday, 7 July 2013


Cosmo Talks on Gratitude

I would like to talk about the universal principle of sacrifice.

The Lord God gives to us in bountiful ways and in response He expects sacrifice which is a form of worship. The most wonderful form is to have a grateful and giving heart which seems to be a very rare quality indeed among the people on the earth today. There are other forms of sacrifice; however the sacrifice of money seems to be the only form that is understood.

As an example we recently helped a person who had had a motoring accident and broke their arm in several places. Through our servant on the earth, we removed all the pain yet received no words of thanks or gratitude.

This person has had to have a second operation to correct the bone alignments. We did not assist this time around and the person is suffering considerable pain and discomfort. This person is now striking out at those who performed the operation. This is not a grateful heart.

People must understand the universal principle that to get or receive, they must make a sacrifice if the healing is to work. Simply put, in order to get you must give.

This principle appears in the Bible time after time right back to Abraham when he offered his son Isaac as an offering. It was the greatest gift he could give. Looking back at the Biblical characters of old, they gave and they gave.

Growing up in the 1940’s we were taught the principle of giving to receive and were required to practice it also. Is it any wonder that people get themselves into such a mess because they no longer recognise the Lord or practice this Universal principle?

The Lord does not expect the sacrifice of animals and burn meat. A thankful heart or a gift of money who cannot manage a thankful heart goes a long way.  Simply put you need to give to get.

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