Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Good Shepherd

 Cosmo continues 

We previously spoke of the Sheep chosen by Abel because it represented Guidance and Protection in Biblical times, which brings us to the point of understanding of the difference between man and the I AM as God is described in Genesis.

This gives us a clear recognition of the true relationship of things as we recognize that our own infinitesimal circle revolves within a greater circle. As thinking people we also recognize that there must be a higher and more knowledgeable wisdom above our own view of things which at best is a narrow personal point of view. This causes us to draw toward ourselves the response of the Lord God or universal mind as a power of unfailing guidance, provision and protection.

The action between man and God is a reciprocal action which includes giving thanks, having gratitude and loving Him in return which can be seen in the Bible as the true way or the true relationship of things with the Lord God.

So to obtain the unfailing Protection, Guidance and Provision we must curb our ego or self will, based on our own minute experiences which requires us to act in trust from the Universal Mind or God.

Again in summary we must learn to walk by faith and not by sight. 

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